Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Lory ´Bonnie´ Bianco Hold on

Hold on Songtext:

There is something about you
That makes me want you so much
I don`t want love easy
I want love to last
Surrender to your touch
Sometimes it takes all my strength to say no
Before I lose control


Hold on
Love keeps hanging on
Will you hold on (Don`t know how)
You feel for me
Hold on
And love keeps hanging on
I need to feel your love inside me

I`ve been thinking about you
I´m falling for the things you said
Without you I´m lonely
With you I´m lost
Need to know just where I stand
Here comes temptation I have to resist
Before I lose control


Hold on...

I`m fighting the fire that feeds my desire
To give you all there is
Sooner or later I have to give in
Before I lose control

Hier noch ein Live-video(zumindest war SFYH live und am Ende hört man sie auch live...), was leider nicht synchron ist, aber Lorys Bühnenpräsenz zeigt.. ;) Hätte sie damals gerne live gesehen... *seufz*

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