Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

A dance called “Love“

A dance called “Love“

Sometimes I feel like I’m dancing on my own,
Seeing you move and having no idea, whether
You want to dance with me or
You just dance around me or
You just dance away from me..

Your steps are confusing to me,
You dance closer to me and
Smile to me as if I was the one
You seem to sing the song of Love
And follow its natural rhythm,
Feeling our hearts beating as one
For this moment
I feel like almost kissing you

But all I can see is
You dancing around me
Like something you cannot touch
Or like a predator stalking its prey
And suddenly you’re gone,
Leaving me behind without a clue
Just when I start to give up
You’re back on the scene and
Dancing like nothing had happened

It’s time to stop for me this dancing around
And just sit the dance out and observe
I just feel exhausted by your movements
That made me turn and spin in circles too often
I have no clue whether you want this or
Just want to have all options available to you

I cannot tell, who’s leading this dance
Or where this dance is leading us to
Are we constantly dancing around each other
To same song, but with a different melody?
Don’t you know that we can dance and sing
This song of love together –
even if the melody is different –
even if we feel like stumbling –
even if we fight for the lead –
even if we tread on each other’s toes?
I think, it’s easier to try dance with each other
Being in each other’s arms
Preventing the other one from falling
Learning the rhythm of the other one’s heart,
So we can feel it beat with our own one in sync
Feeling this love getting real

It’s up to you to decide,
if you want to dance to this song of Love
Or if you rather dance to other songs
I tried to show you that I want to try
This dance, but I won’t push you
No one likes to be forced
But if you’re just unsure about this dance,
We can learn this dance together
I just need to know, if you interested or
If you just want to fool around
I just sit here and wait for you to
Show me your true nature,
One way or another

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