Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009


da dies keiner liest:
AN: I just needed to combine these things. I’m right here, I would be your slave and Labyrinth and none of it all is mine...

I would be your slave

It was a cold, dark night, when the owl sat on the branch of the tree next to the house Sarah lived in. It watched her for hours on end, while she was sleeping peacefully.

I imagine I lay quietly in your bed

I see you're sleeping, but you cannot sense my gaze

How could you see me invisible as I am?

It didn’t know, why it was sitting there and hurting itself over and over again with reliving old memories. It transformed into the human form of a man with blond hair. He only sat there for seconds, transported himself into Sarah’s room and took a ghostly form.

He couldn’t resist the pull of her soul, no matter how much he tried to fight it. And he fought it for ages, maybe it was ten years or was it twenty? He couldn’t remember, that time didn’t count in his universe. Not that it matter to him, every day held the same cruel, lonely feeling of numbness. Everything else became unimportant, everyone else became boring, even himself.

He felt like being caged in his own existence. He longed for her ever since he knew her. He understood that she had been too young to accept all that he could offer. He tried to seek for another partner, but his relationship ended recently after a decade or so...

Funny, he even couldn’t remember how long he had been with Yvonne, he had let himself talked into the relationship. Then Yvonne took over and to everyone else, they looked like the perfect couple. He didn’t care and he let himself being pulled to all social activities that usually weren’t his kind of thing. She wanted the status he could offer and he didn’t want to feel alone..

But he felt alone and all the things they seemed to have in common were only made up by her for the pubilicity. And she was shallow, no one he would trust with his problems or reign a kingdom. The joke was, she had left him for another, because he had been too boring for her...

Fact was, not being able to do his work as king anymore and hardly sleeping in the night made him grumpy towards those, who had to deal with him. He lay now on Sarah’s bed, feeling sorry for himself. He wanted to touch her, to hold her, to kiss her as he reached out with his ghostly hand. It was no use, he had no power over her!

Then I nestle, try to clasp you round the waist

and feel you're breathing resting my lips upon your neck

How could you feel it... (feel me, feel me now!)intangible as I am?

He had loved to watch her in the beginning, he had hoped that she would come to her senses and call him, but she didn’t. What was he supposed to do? He felt the bound between them, in his heart he knew she was the right one. The one to save his dark soul, tainted by the things he had done. He knew, she could teach him to forgive himself.

She could reign a kingdom, though she was a young pup in the eyes of the Labyrinth-society. She would be able to support him and also stand up for her own opinion. Something Yvonne lacked, she had followed only her own interests and Jareth didn’t care..

Seeing Sarah sleeping now made Jareth’s heart ache and long for something more. He had confessed to himself that he still loved her and now he was here, right? Or was it imagination, he couldn’t tell anymore...

But I'm right here and I'm so brave

I dare to love you. I dare! I imagine...

He tried to bury his head in her hair, he could smell it and could smell her. He could feel her warmth and her breathing. She was like an angel – a cruel angel at that. Her soul might understand him, but it never seemed to reach her mind.

Oh my mind just flies so wild!

The words I utter seems to get dry in my mouth

How could you listen inaudible as I am?

He thought that she could feel him, too. He had seen so many guys walking in and out of her life. She seemed to be looking for someone, he assumed. But after so much time he didn’t believe anymore that it was him. Maybe she was just some sort of “Black Widow“..
Are you deaf not to hear my words?Are you blind not to see me around?Are you just heartless?

Maybe he was wrong, maybe she was afraid of a relationship with him. He was a king and a bit arrogant, he could say himself. He willed her with his mind to open her eyes, but she remained still. It was useless! He forced himself to stand up and leave, no more torturing himself. Someday she would feel the consequences for not having him in her life.

But if you're scared, dare open your eyes

If you're slept, let me wake you up

You may curse your soul if you deny me

Just imagine I'm right here


After transporting himself on some streets in the Goblin City, he finally realised that it was winter outside. Somehow it had escaped his mind. He didn’t feel cold, he hardly felt anything..

Sarah was an enigma to him, at first he had been so sure of her, sure of how she would react, sure of she might want and definitely sure how to woo her. But she proved him wrong in that beliefs, the only sure thing was, she could break him without so much as a word.

He still felt the call of her soul, however she may not. Sometimes he felt like strangling her to say something, either to release him from this pain or to end it all. He couldn’t live with that uncertainty anymore, she never uttered a word about it all and he felt tense. Everthing was hurting, every fibre of his body suffered in pain. Why couldn’t she say something?

Walking in the snowy street
Let me understand
Drifting down a silent path
Stumbling over land
Open up your heart to me
Show me who you are
And I would be your slave

Sometimes he asked himself, if it all had been a joke to her. All the emotions she was showing him in the Labyrinth a game? He didn’t understand her at all. She seemed to have given him hints again and again that she might care for him, but to every action he showed he got a strange reaction of her. Okay, maybe it wasn’t clever to deliver his messages through a third person.

Was she actually aware that he noticed her hints? The offer from their first encounter was still standing..

The truth was, somehow he was still her slave and she had power over him, without her knowledge. All he wanted to do was going to her and kiss her senseless.

Do you sleep in quietude
Do you walk in peace
Do you laugh out loud at me
No one else is free
Open up your heart to me
Show me all you are
And I would be your slave

Like always he came to same conclusion, she had to say the right words or else he lived in hell. He had nothing, so what was he waiting for? He told Sarah to make her dreams come true, now she could make his true. Jareth got aggravate.

I don't sit and wait
I don't give a damn
I don't see the point at all
No footsteps in the sand

The dark thoughts took over like they always did. In Jareth’s mind Sarah turned into some sort of demon, making fun of him, waiting for a chance of the perfect revenge for all that he put her through.

I bet you laugh out loud at me
A chance to strike me down
Give me peace of mind at last
Show me all you are
Open up your heart to me
I would be your slave

His mind screamed out her name as the pain and loneliness nearly killed him. He was close to a break down and he felt like dying now. His suffering had been too long and this was the end. Finally it would be over and he didn’t care anymore. He said the words “I love you“ in his mind and repeated them out loud, then he broke down. His breathing was shallow, he would die from a broken heart.

I don't sit and wait
I don't give a damn
I don't see the point at all
No footsteps in the sand

Sarah sat upright in her bed. One moment she was sleeping peacefully, the next she heard Jareth shouting her name. She looked around, but no one was there. Funny it sounded very close to her, as if he had been next to her. No, not a thing changed. She always tried to get his attention, but she never got an answer, at least not a real one. This had been another dream of a Goblin King, who might care for her.

Okay, time to calm down. She lay down again and closed her eyes. Then she heard it, Jareth uttered the three words she longed to hear. What a wonderful dream. She answered him that she also loved him in her mind and offered him all that she could give him as well.

I would give you all my love
Nothing else is free
Open up your heart to me
And I would be your slave

Sarah rolled over and bumped her nose at a warm body. Warm body? She was alone in her bed. She opened her eyes and stifled a scream. The Goblin King was next to her in her bed. No, that couldn’t be right. Her hand tried to find the lamp on the night stand. When the light turned on, she gasped loudly. He was really there.

He smiled down to her: “Thank you for saving my life.“

“How?“ was all she could ask.

“You said the right words and I could come to you, I was close to die from a broken heart.“

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that.“

“I forgive you.“

“How can you forgive me, when I nearly killed you?!“ Sarah sounded upset.

“Well, as you said, you didn’t know it, besides you saved me in time and only that counts. I have lived far too long to hold a grudge, when it’s easier to forgive. Besides I much prefer being by your side than being anywhere else.. It was long time to wait, but it was worth it.“ Jareth tried to soothe her.

“I wasn’t sure how you felt for me and I never knew, how easy it could be to have you here. “ Sarah’s smile was a shy one.

“It was the same thing for me. You can be sure now that I love you, Sarah. “

“I think, I can believe you now and I love you, too. “

That was all it to took for Jareth to lean down and kiss her. It was the beginning of their relationship, sometimes life can be that easy.

The end